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Earlier we had seen how to start a blog on Blogger by Google. In this article we see how to start a blog on Now before we proceed, ...
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Blogger by Google had defined the world of blogging till it was taken over by storm by WordPress. But Blogger still remains a popular blogging platform. It is actively developed ...
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April 22, 2016 Start date of Aim is to bring all blogging resources and references under one roof. Journey to infinity is to reach the first page of Google ...
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Images, pictures, photographs or graphics are powerful weapons in the arsenal of a blogger. They are eye catching and amplify the contents of your post or article. They need to ...
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Start Blog Writing equips bloggers with the tools of the trade to chisel the blog into shape.

Start Blog Writing has blogging reference and resources under a single roof, is the start point of your blogging journey.

Structure of Start Blog Writing

Broadly divided into Technicals and Insight.

Insights contain the theoretical description of a blogging concept or a trend. Technicals is the actual implementation of a concept.

Blogging Technicals

Changing Facebook Page Username

New users may find it difficult to understand the naming system on a Facebook page. On a Facebook page, there ...
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How to take screenshots from any YouTube video

Bloggers and writers often need to take screenshots. The Windows Snipping Tools is good enough for most occasions. In case ...
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YouTube video cards

You have got the attention of a viewer for your YouTube video. Analytics show that the 10 Minute Video, though ...
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Blogging Insights

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is a Google backed Open Source initiative to standardize display of web pages on a ...
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Why so less followers on Instagram

Social Networks have changed our way of living. A large screen smart phone and an app like Instagram or Facebook ...
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Are restaurant reviews by Food Bloggers sponsored

Food Bloggers have to regularly review restaurants and eating destinations. Reviewed content fuels their blog and each word is lapped ...
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