The Blogger and Flickr (dis)connect

The Blogger and Flickr (dis)connect

Flickr has witnessed a meteoric rise as a cloud enabled photo storing and sharing website. Flickr offers a generous 1TB free online storage. It has lots of unmatched features compared to its competitors primary among them is interaction with fellow Flickr members. From a blogger’s perspective, Flickr has got some tricks up its sleeve.

Date of review : Mid 2016

Opening a Flickr Account and account settings

Flickr is a Yahoo product. An account with Yahoo is needed compulsorily to use Flickr. To open an account, Yahoo permits the use of a non Yahoo email address. The following settings are important from a blogger’s point of view.

Screen Name and Buddy icon

Buddy icon is an image for your flickr account and Screen name is the name that is displayed next to the buddy icon. Screen name is your identity on Flickr and you are allowed to change it as many times as you want. It is also displayed as a tooltip next to the favicon in browser.


Flickr Web Address

Flickr provides a permanent Web Address. A user gets to choose the web address only once.  Flickr provides separate Web Address for the user photostream and user profile.


Account Profile

Under Account settings, you get option to edit your profile. From a blogger’s point of view, description and online bits info is important.

flickr profile

In the description box, you can insert a clickable nofollow link. A user can place a link to the author page of a blog. Under online bits you get another place to insert a clickable link to your blog.

Uploading photos on Flickr

Photographs can be uploaded on Flickr using the Desktop app which is pro feature or using the Android or IOS app using the smartphone handset. The most efficient and convenient way is using the Web Browser on a desktop PC. The start point on Flickr is the camera roll section where you being uploading photos. There are three distinct sections, namely Camera Roll, Photostream and Albums.

Difference between Camera Roll and Photostream

Camera Roll is a collection of all your uploads automatically arranged as per date. This collection is private, for your eyes only. Selected photos from the Camera Roll (or all of them) can be also shown in Photostream which is visible to public. This gives you a choice to upload all your photos to Camera Roll thanks to the generous storage given by Flickr and publish only a selected photos on your photostream which are visible to the general public.

Features of Camera Roll

  • View your photos, either date wise or Magic View as per categories.
  • Drag and Drop feature to all photos to camera roll.
  • Select a group of photos by using mouse selection.

All photos uploaded to Camera Roll are by default private. Changing the setting from private to public adds the photo to Photostream.

settings in camera roll

A hyperlink is again allowed in the description. A great way to link it up to your blog. The same is also visible in the description when any user views the photograph.

description in photostream

Other Features

Flickr periodically introduces new features. You can place photographs in albums or share them in a group. You can create galleries or make creations. Also do not forget to interact with fellow Flickr on a regular basis. You can follow users and/or like their photographs.


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  1. Thanks for this useful article. I love Flickr but use it chiefly to source copyright-free images from Internet Archive Book Images and to store my own photos. It’s proved for me to be the quickest way to save my iPhone photos privately. I could do much more: just give me another two hours a day!

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