Carousal Feature in recent Instagram update

Carousal Feature in recent Instagram update

Instagram had a limitation of one image per upload and per post. This was a severe and crippling limitation. It placed the poster in a dilemma. Which image is to be selected for posting. One could never decide. Other option was to post a video. But a video could never be as captivating as a single image. But all this has changed with theĀ  on the poster as to which would be the best image. All that has been changed with the introduction of #carousal feature in a recent update of Instagram.

What is Carousal Feature in Instagram

Carousal Feature is like a picture slideshow. You can select up to 10 pictures and then set them up as a slide show. A prominent button asks if multiple images need selection. That way one can select multiple images of the same object and captivate the visitor.

A ‘swipe to see more’ button indicates the visitor that there is a carousal or slideshow.

How to setup carousal feature in Instagram

On clicking the central button to select images, the following screen comes up.

select images instagram

To activate the carousal, click on the ‘select multiple’ button on the bottom right. Once multiple images are selected, the images can be applied with various effects.

Once editing is done with, the next is the usual option to populate the images with relevant data like location, description, social sharing, etc. Do not forget to use the various tags.

And finally once you click on share, the post is published. It looks something like this.

Do try out this feature and tell us about your experience. The feature was discovered by team SBW thanks to this Instagram User.

Check out the Instagram page here

and the blog link here


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