Changing Facebook Page Username

Changing Facebook Page Username

New users may find it difficult to understand the naming system on a Facebook page. On a Facebook page, there is a name and username. Correct inputs of these two means that your page will show up properly in the URL. This URL is easily recognised. It can also be shared on social messages and word by mouth. Otherwise a bunch of numbers and letters is so forgettable.

Create a Facebook Page

This option is available under the down key of menu options.

create a new facebook page

On clicking of ‘Create Page’ the following interface opens.

set name for facebook page

For starters, we input a Facebook page name as ‘’

This page name appears on the page as follows.

create username

So the page name appears under the name and username is blank. Here you have an option of creating the username.

edit username

After entering the username you can see that it appears with the @ symbol. You can still get an option to edit it as shown below.

name and username created

Changing a Facebook Username

Facebook allows limited changes to Username and the policy keeps changing from time to time. There might be a chance that Facebook might just limit the changes to three or even less. Or there might be a time penalty. Not only Facebook but other social media platforms too have strict naming policies to counter the problem or fake or multiple accounts. But whatever be the case, choose a name properly because that is what appears in the Facebook URL.

If you change the Username, a green tick has to appear to confirm that the change has been approved.

name change approved by Facebook

Final confirmation will be the next prompt which appears.

URL for Facebook Username

And then when you click on the links given in the prompt, you are taken to your Facebook Page. Claim your URL for your Facebook page, before someone else does. Pages are being created by the dozen every second.

URL of Facebook


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