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Subscription widget in sidebar

Follow Button for your WordPress site users have an amazing Follow Button which helps you to get subscribers for your blog. This feature is not available for a self hosted WordPress site. But there is an interesting trick and a work around to get the same function. Also note, this is the basic subscription feature made available by for limited number of subscribers. We would always recommend for a pro level solution once the number of subscribers reach at a high level.

Basic Requirements for Follow Button

You need to have the Jetpack Plugin installed and connection completed. Once the Jetpack plugin is activated go to the settings and look for Subscriptions.

Subscription option for Jetpack
Subscription option for Jetpack

When you click on configure, you get the following options.

Follow Button
Configuration for subscriptions

As you can see, the Follow Button only appears after the comment form which is a certain limitation and not like the nice button seen on websites.

Subscription Widget

You can also add a subscription widget on the site, either in one of the sidebars or in the header or footer. Jetpack installs a widget which can be added.

Blog Subscribers widget by Jetpack
Blog Subscribers widget by Jetpack
Subscription widget in sidebar
Subscription widget in sidebar

A neat trick for Follow Button offers a Follow Button generator at the following URL.

Just follow the instructions to generate a code and paste the code in a text widget. You can even check if the code is generated correctly.

checkCodeWith the Follow Button in place you will have chances of attracting more follower to your website. Also remember it is a two way traffic, the more bloggers you follow, more chances are that you will get more followers. So keep looking for more and more authors who write about articles of your interest.

Also make sure that you constant update your blog with regular articles.


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