April 22, 2016

Start date of https://startblogwriting.com

Aim is to bring all blogging resources and references under one roof. Journey to infinity is to reach the first page of Google search results.

Activity of Day One.

Installation of WordPress and finish the basic settings and initial plugins. The following procedure was followed. Read more at the following URL.



Immediately after the categories were finalized for the website and respective menu options were displayed.

May 10, 2016

Jetpack connection though established was not working properly. Press this feature was not working. Also the Follow us button feature from WordPress.com was also not displaying anything. To solve this connection was reestablished.

First method was setting up the connection and then feeding in the credentials. This method was leading to connection errors because the setup was HTTPS.

Second method was to open WordPress.com and then login on the website. After that initiate the Jetpack connection. This was both press this and follow us are now working.

May 12, 2016

Start Blog Writing is a website where resources and tutorials related to blogging are to be showcased at one location. Keeping in line with this thought process, a simple interface has to be provided to the user or visitor to navigate though the site and access the references with speed and ease.

Here is the URL to the page, the start point for your blogging journey

Sept, 2016

Magazine styled first page was getting very heavy with resources and not giving satisfactory results in Speed Tests. Also the existing cache plugin by Automattic was not yielding proper results.

Two important changes were made. Firstly use of W3 Total Cache which has improved site performance drastically and use of a static front page with Content View plugin which gives a magazine styled interface with minimal overloads.


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