Why so less followers on Instagram

Why so less followers on Instagram

Social Networks have changed our way of living. A large screen smart phone and an app like Instagram or Facebook transports you to another world. Social media means interaction. Also important is a give and take relation. Public figures and eminent personalities can afford to have large number of followers. It is the nature of their public life. But they still need to reach out to their followers.

Concept of followers and following on Instagram

Instagram is an app based social networking platform which allows you to post photos and videos. This is then visible to all fellow Instagram users who are following you. They can like and comment on your posts. This is the basic feature of Instagram. As the popularity of Instagram increases, more and more features are being added. Now you are an Instagram user too. Which means that you should be following some one else. Brands or celebrities might argue that they are not a person. Hence they do not need to follow anyone. This creates a strange situation where they will have so many followers, but themselves will be following hardly any.

Social Networking : Sharing is caring

Fans or followers in the good old days were required to see their stars from a far distance. Stars were elusive. To be catching a glimpse from a far. But now times have changed. Fans need interaction. Social media is the best to connect with fans. And that is why the need for following your followers. But there is time for people to realize this. So till that time just enjoy some samples of Instagram accounts which have a disproportionate Instagram followers to following ration.

Please note that these pictures are for display and humor only. If anyone wants them to be removes, please feel free to say so.



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