Pagination and Infinite Scroll for WordPress Blog

Pagination and Infinite Scroll for WordPress Blog

Pagination is the navigation provided to the visitors to a website to move from one page to another. Infinite Scroll loads the next set of posts when the viewer reaches at the end of the page. Both these features if used properly make your blog stand out to the visitors. For the sake of this article we are restricting to the WordPress bogging platforms.

Default WordPress navigation

By default, WordPress gives a button showing Older Entries and Newer Entries at the end of the posts page.

default post navigation

This navigation comes up automatically at the end of the posts page and archive or search page.

What is Pagination

Pagination is an improvement over the default page navigation of WordPress. This can be either done by manually inserting a code or by using a plugin. Some themes have pagination support built in the theme. This option can be activated if required.

pagination in tempera wordpress theme

WordPress plugin WP-PageNavi

WP-PageNavi is one such plugin which bring in pagination to your WordPress Theme.

Typically the output of this plugin is as shown below.


There are a limited customization options.  Similar plugins are available which provide a variety of pagination display.

Infinite Scroll

Theoretically, Infinite Scroll is a killer feature. Infinite Scroll is part of Jetpack. This feature loads the next post as reader scroll. Infinite scroll works with pages, archives and search.

infinite scroll

Infinite Scroll if enabled removes the need for pagination or page navigation. The flip side of infinite scroll is the page size starts increasing as the user scrolls down the page. This might be an issue in older systems or systems with older versions of web browsers.

Infinite Scroll is a part of Jetpack, but it will only work if your theme supports it. Alternatively, here are two WordPress plugin which help implement the infinite scroll feature.



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