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A photographer or a photo blogger should not avoid YouTube since it is only meant for videos or clips. YouTube is popular video sharing service by Google and it allows public figures to connect with their followers. A new music video has the potential of going viral on the social media and YouTube is the means. So why should the photo blogger be far behind.

How to post photos on YouTube

Simply put in, you cannot. But there is a simple work around. YouTube provides a facility of creating a photo slideshow of your photos or images and that is good enough to pass off as a video. Of course, you can make your own and better photo slideshow, but the tools provided by YouTube are very good and you can create an eye catching clip in minutes.

Steps to create a photo slideshow in YouTube

Step 1 Click on the Upload button located on top right of the YouTube Home page.

upload button for YouTube

Step 2 Under the widget marked Create Videos, click on the create button under Photo Slideshow.

create photo slideshowStep 3 Select the photos for the slideshow either from the album or upload new photos.

select photos for photo slide show

Step 4 Click the next button to start the processing and uploading of slideshow.

Uploading the photo slideshow
Step 5 Fill in all the necessary details.

Give the photo slideshow an apt description and do not forget to add a link to your blog post.

link your blog to the photo slideshow

You may also consider embedding your photo slideshow in your blog post. It can replace the default slideshow of WordPress which is plagued with problems.



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