How to resolve error message “Your IP has been flagged for potential security violations”

How to resolve error message “Your IP has been flagged for potential security violations”

A JetPack enabled self hosted WordPress blog or website may through this error message.

“Your IP has been flagged for potential security violations”

The website has been blocked by JetPack. There is a link provided which lists out methods to resolve it. The most common way to get this problem is if you have a static IP address which is a prerequisite to have an HTTPS site certification. This static IP address is compromised or leaked by someone may lead to attacks and forced logins. If the JetPack module ‘Protect’ is enabled, then this error message will be displayed.

jetpack protect module

About the block by Jetpack

When you attempt to login to your wordpress site dashboard, you will get the following error message.

A helpful ‘Find out more’ link is also given which takes you to the following solution.

three ways to whitelist IP in wordpressThere might be multiple reasons why you can get this error message. We shall go over the solution one by one.

Linking with Jetpack and login with

Jetpack plugin and linking with gives phenomenal benefit to your self hosted wordpress site. One of the benefit will be the ability to change setting of your self hosted site from In Settings-Security option, we can add a whitelisted IP.

security setting

Here an IP address can be added to the whitelist. Once done, you should be able to login again.

Third method – edit the wp-config.php file

This is the third and the final method. If by chance, you are not able to have access to the config file, then you are in deep trouble. To access the wp-config.php file you need ftp access to your shared hosting public html folder. Access is usually provided by cpanel or any other tool which your hosting provider has given. Best option is to use the File Manager provided in the cPanel. This tool lets you edit files in the public HTML folder within the browser. Search for the wp-config.php file in the root of your wordpress installation and add you IP address as shown below.

wp-config.php file

Once you enter the IP address, save the config file. Now you should be able to login again.



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