How to take screenshots from any YouTube video

How to take screenshots from any YouTube video

Bloggers and writers often need to take screenshots. The Windows Snipping Tools is good enough for most occasions. In case of YouTube however, there are screenshots or thumbnails embedded in the video at the time of upload. The trick is to extract these from the video as jpeg or png photos. Read more about the Windows Snipping Tools at the following URL given below.

Taking screenshots from YouTube video

Let us take an example of a video of a concert program in Delhi

The video has been uploaded on the channel

To take screen shots or extract thumbs already embedded. Go to the following website

The front page of the website is pretty simple, not too many distracting menus and options.

youtube screenshots

As given right in the middle, paste the URL of the YouTube video which you want to take a screenshot. To display the thumbs click on the green button labeled “Show screenshots”. A new section opens up which first shows the player and then default thumbnails saved while uploading the video.

screenshot from any position

First option – Take Screenshot from any position of the player. This tool is the best option if you want to take the screen shot of a specific position of the video. Pause the player and just click the green button labeled ‘Take Screenshot’

Second option – Whatever thumbnails are displayed below the player can be saved as pictures by using the right click and save as option. The image quality and size is as is what is displayed.

capture screenshots

You can choose the size of the screenshot before saving it. Leave the values at default for original picture.

Note: This website by default is supposed to take only screenshots. But as an added bonus, it allows you to download the video too. The small download icon seen in the right corner below the player allows download of the media. Use this tool with caution and restrain. The uploader of the video has some deal of ownership on the content. Bulk of the ownership lies with YouTube. They may not like the media to be extracted with necessary permissions.


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