Five Essential Pages for a Blogger : Contact Us

Five Essential Pages for a Blogger : Contact Us

Contact Us page for your blog allows visitors to directly contact the author or admin of the blog. Though not mandatory for Google Adsense approval, this page is highly recommended. It makes your blog look professional and complete. Contact Us page can also double up as an author page in case of a single author blog.

Earlier we had seen the first essential page from a blogger point of view.

Using Jetpack Plugin for creating a Contact Us page

WordPress users install Jetpack plugin for the variety of features and performance that it provides. Jetpack also provides a Contact Form that making a Contact Us page a breeze. Enable the Contact Form in Jetpack Settings under Writing Tab.

jetpack plugin settings

A detailed explanation of Contact Form can be found at the following URL.

As seen from the above, the Contact Form option needs to be toggled and turn on bright blue. Once on, a Contact Form button is visible above the text editor.

contact-us-buttonJetpack uses a shortcode to insert a contact form on a page or a post. This form can be customized to add more fields. Once customization is over, the contact form shortcode is displayed in the text area.

Finally the Contact Us page will look like below.


For those who do not want to use the contact form settings and wish the visitors only contact via email can use the following code in the text editor.

code-for-emailUsing a plugin to kill spam and create a contact page

A plugin which creates a Contact Form and kills spam is a double bonus for bloggers. WP Spam Shield is one such plugin and is very popular with WordPress users.

This plugin too uses a shortcode to display the contact form in a page or a post. The text fields are lightly customizable. This plugin is free and it does a good job of blocking spam.

Contact page for Blogger by Google

Blogger platform by Google uses gadgets to add a contact widget on your blog. The option is available in Layout. Where ever you want to place the gadget click on the Add a Gadget button.


Blogger gadget does not have any customization options. Here how it is displayed.


Of course you can always use a html code to insert a contact link to your email.




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